Kimberly Owen

MA LCMHC, EMDR and Gottman Couples trained therapist

Hi! I am Kimberly Owen, founder of Sage Healing and Wellness. I am a counselor and a coach. I help women live out their unique beauty that creates change in the world around them. As an urban American Indian woman, I wanted to utilize my heritage and training to help my clients.

So why do I do what I do?

It’s as simple as this…my own experience of pain needed to be used. I had to get to the root of my own traumas, so my heart could find joy and vitality to help others. I wanted to learn from both my personal experiences and clinical training. We are all miracles in motion and I want to walk with you on this path of discovery and recovery. Having a BA in Psychology, I continued my education and earned a Masters in Counseling.

Kimberly’s Experience

With years of experience counseling in State Government, Pastoral Care, and private practice, I offer diverse perspectives when working with a variety of populations. I’m certified as a Betrayal Trauma Specialist and Sex Addiction Specilaist. I am also extensively trained in Gottman’s Couples Therapy, a research-based approach to couples therapy and EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) to treat PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder).

The path to healing will sometimes be uncomfortable, but necessary. I will journey with you in the darkness because I know light will soon surface. Who knows…we might even be able to experience some laughter along the way!

I have been married for over 25 years and have three beautiful children. I reside in Davidson, North Carolina.


Amy Carrick

Trauma sensitive yoga therapist

Amy has been practicing yoga since her early 20s. After her career as a registered dietitian, she decided to merge her hobby and passion and pursue yoga teacher training. Having been drawn to all aspects of wellness, this path made total sense. She currently has over 800 hours of yoga training. Her certifications include: R-HYI 225, C-HYI Therapy, Holy Yoga Touch which incorporates massage and touch techniques into Holy Yoga classes; C-HYI Trauma-Sensitive, and C-HYI Yin. She is currently working on her 300-hour Holy Yoga master’s program.

Amy’s love for Jesus is a big part of why she does what she does. We live in this body that God gave us, so it is important to use it to heal. We are not just to love him with our heart but every ounce of our physical and mental ability. Her classes are catered to each individuals’ needs. In class she says the students laugh a lot, cry a lot and learn to heal trauma wounds that have been stuck in the body for years.

Pam Meyer

Spiritual Director


Pam Meyer is a ministry leader and prayer warrior who works with women to realize what God has intended for their live.


Pam knows that unlocking your potential and seeking God’s heart is the most rewarding journey in life.


Pam has led and supported women’s organizations for over 20 years and currently runs a nonprofit to support mental wellness and spiritual growth.


Pam is a trained as a personal coach, mentor, ministry counselor and Bible study leader. She is Fellowship trained and has her ordination in Biblical counseling and Biblical studies.


Pam believes that encouragement, empowerment and emotional support wrapped in prayer and spiritual maturity are keys to unlocking your best life.


Pam currently lives in Charlotte, NC with her husband of 30 years and has two grown children and two grandchild.

Miranda Arthur

MA / LCMHCA / NCC / EMDR Trained

Are you ready to thrive instead of just survive? Life is hard and navigating it with grace can be challenging. Come find balance and peace as we work together to face life’s ups and downs. I am here to not only listen and help you feel seen, but to also explore the deeper meanings behind why you do what you do. Together, we can map out your life and explore uncharted territory. I want to see you enjoy life again and embrace new adventures.

I think every individual is unique and I enjoy learning about the intricacies of each person in order to best help them succeed. My main passion is healthy functioning relationships whether that be with a spouse, sibling, family, or oneself. I love working with all ages from children to the elderly and maintain a posture of curiosity with every client.

When I am not working with clients, I enjoy spending time with my husband and two greyhounds. I am insatiably curious and love to travel, read, and cook.

Miranda enjoys working with clients of all ages who are seeking wholeness & peace in life.

If you are ready to start exploring your inner world and bringing vitality back into your outer world then I am here for you. The healing you desire begins by taking one small step.

Types of Sessions


60 Minute in-office session


60 Minute in-home session


60 Minute online session


90 Minute session




Betrayal and Recovery


Bible Studies


3-Day intensive


3-Day Retreats, Seminars, and Speaking Engagements available. Get in touch for details.

Forms of Payment

Check, cash, MasterCard and Visa. (HFSA) Flexible Spending account. For session pricing, please contact Kimberly by clicking the button below.

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